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Ms. Hendricks is a fair, proficient, professional and perceptive attorney. We could not be more pleased in the services she supplied my family She has represented me in a complicated custody case that few lawyers would have had the patience or fortitude to undertake. Ms. Hendricks is a straight shooter and to the point with an uncanny ability to "see through" the games of the adverse party. My family is very grateful to have the fortune of being represented by her firm and so we gratefully and highly recommend Judith R. Hendricks and her staff.  Kathy


I cannot express in words my gratitude for the diligent and extraordinary service that Judith R. Hendricks gave to my custody battle. In short, without her consistent and generous assistance I would probably not have succeeded in my protection of my children. It was clear to me, that Ms Hendricks cares for children and their well-being and will work to secure their safety in her practice. I will always be thankful for her and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and her legal staff.  Greg


I would have probably lost a lifetime of savings in a drawn out dissolution that had been punctuated by fraud, deceit and illness if it had not been for Judith R. Hendricks. Her staff was not only educated in protecting my assets but far exceeded my expectation in her ability to legally maneuver complex problems and difficulties that were unique to my situation. Ms Hendricks went above and beyond what I would consider professional service to give me exceptional legal service. Ms Hendricks is fair and honest in her dealing with her clients. I have never had a professional I have ever trusted so greatly as I have Ms Hendricks. Ed


Knowledgeable, affordable, compassionate. Most importantly, I really felt great at the results she obtained on my behalf. Please call me "anonymous."






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